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We guide organisations to evolve and thrive through their people.


Improving Everyday Life With Trainspire

In the dynamic heart of the Northern Territory, Trainspire stands as a beacon of innovation in the training and development industry. Our mission extends beyond the traditional scope of training companies. We are dedicated to fostering personal and organisational growth through targeted empowerment and transformation.

At Trainspire, we believe in the power of change. Our training programs are carefully crafted to not only deliver knowledge but to inspire actionable change within your teams and workplace culture. Specialising in areas such as Emotional Intelligence and Crisis Intervention, we provide your team with the essential tools for personal development and professional excellence.


Trainspire is built on a foundation of core values that drive everything we do. They're not just part of our culture; they are our culture. These guiding principles shape our approach to training and development and create training experiences that are meaningful, effective and impactful. 

Our values define us, driving our mission to deliver transformative training programs that foster personal growth and organisational excellence.

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Meet the Team

At Trainspire, we believe that our strength lies in our people. Both in the way we engage with our clients and in the camaraderie within our team, people-centricity is at the core of everything we do. Our team, is more than just a group of professionals; we're a collective committed to fostering growth, driving innovation, and building meaningful relationships.

Every member brings their unique expertise, passion, and vision to the table, united by a shared commitment to empower and inspire. Together, we work towards creating environments where individuals and organisations thrive. Meet the dedicated team behind our programs, each playing a pivotal role in turning our vision into reality and shaping the future of training and development.


Rooted in professional services and consulting, my passion lies in unlocking transformative insights that profoundly enrich people's professional and personal lives. My strategic planning expertise, honed across diverse sectors like finance, utilities, federal government, and non-profits, directly informs the practical, impactful training I develop. 
This versatile blend of strategy and planning enables me to create training programs that deliver knowledge and inspire actionable change, seamlessly integrating my strategic planning background into empowering impactful learning experiences. This holistic approach, fueled by my commitment to growth in all life's arenas—from the rugby field to family time—embodies my mission to inspire and guide individuals and organisations towards their fullest potential.

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I am driven by a dedication to fostering resilience and understanding, I achieve this with training in emotional intelligence and trauma-informed crisis intervention, laying the foundation for positive change.
My consulting expertise in Accounting and Tax guides businesses from startup to scale with tailored advice and coaching. I pair this with innovative solutions through rapidly developing Low-Code and No-Code applications that streamline business operations, including data entry, file management, CRM and reporting. I pride myself on finding opportunity where others may see obstacles.


Hi, I’m Daniel (Dan), a proud member of the Trainspire team. With a postgraduate degree in Applied Social Sciences, specialising in Adult Education, from Western Sydney University, I’ve spent the past 20 years dedicated to empowering professionals who support vulnerable groups. I’ve trained a myriad of different sectors, including community services, sporting bodies, and government employees. My extensive experience in working with and training Indigenous people, especially in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), led me to present at the International Residential Child Care Project Conference at Cornell University, where I shared insights on the impact of training in the Care Sector. I strive to balance professional ambition with personal passion, reflecting a holistic approach to life that I bring to my work at Trainspire.

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